Another Industry First: The Online Service Management System (OSMS)

In 2015, Astrophysics launched the industry’s first centralized service platform: the Online Service Management System (OSMS). We designed this exclusive platform to enable customers direct access to technical support, product and claim management, and more:

– Real-time status of x-ray equipment
– System health & monitoring
– 24/7 direct communication
– Access to equipment history
– Claim management
– Performance metrics & reporting
– Customer service satisfaction rating/monitoring
– Training management and certification

Over the course of the last 5 years, Astrophysics strategically designed and perfected this comprehensive platform. The introduction of the OSMS complements our existing remote diagnostics capability, another industry first that we pioneered over a decade ago. Remote diagnostics allows service to diagnose and restore equipment, reducing potential downtime.

In the current COVID-19 pandemic, remote accessibility is crucial to maintain effective operations. Our OSMS platform provides technical solutions for our customers with ease and efficiency from any location, anytime. Astrophysics’ legacy of firsts and relentless dedication to innovation and world-class service will continue to safeguard global communities… today, tomorrow, always.

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