Unparalleled Security Screening for Modern Threat Detection

Global trade, terrorist threats, and technology are all evolving at breakneck speeds. Security personnel need solutions that can keep pace with these rapid changes. Astrophysics AI – a fully-integrated Artificial Intelligence (AI) software available for x-ray scanners – makes cutting-edge, automated threat recognition available for checkpoint screening at government facilities, schools, sports arenas, and other high-security sites. The AI software is trained to identify dangerous threats, removing potential human error and delivering unparalleled protection in today’s rapidly changing world.


Building Intelligent Machines 

Artificial Intelligence aims to transform computers into intelligent machines, boosting their performance in ways that normally would not be possible without a human brain. Through the use of algorithms and Computer-Based Training (CBT), AI software can effectively be used to create expert systems that exhibit intelligent behavior, provide solutions to complex security screening challenges, and further develop stimulations equivalent to human intelligence within machines


Astrophysics AI software’s deep-learning algorithms effectively model the synapses of the human brain. This allows it to analyze images, extract objects’ characteristics, and create models that help the software identify entire classes of objects (e.g. guns, knives). The AI’s threat detection continuously improves as it analyzes more and more images, resulting in an ever-expanding catalogue of threats it can readily identify along with constantly-improving threat detection capabilities.


Automating Processes

Astrophysics proprietary AI software identifies dangerous objects hidden within scanned images, even if those objects are rotated, vary in size or are partially obscured. Once a threat is identified, the software highlights its location in a box and alerts nearby screening personnel to conduct a physical inspection. One of the main benefits of this automation is that it eliminates human error.  Through the use of deep learning applications, organizations can implement immense cost savings measures while dramatically improving threat detection performance. These AI-enabled methods improve over time as the algorithms adjust to enhance productivity while reducing costs by minimizing the need for additional operator training.

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Improved Productivity 

AI software boosts productivity and increases effectiveness of security personnel by augmenting their critical threat detection missions. By analyzing the scanned images during inspections, Astrophysics AI identifies suspicious objects, improving productivity and decreasing downtime during the screening process. The AI bundle is perfect for understaffed and budget-conscious agencies, since it does not require additional training or staff. The AI software can be incorporated into your existing Astrophysics scanners, and even has universal compatibility with all standard x-ray scanners. 


Astrophysics AI Advantage

Astrophysics’ AI fully-integrated software delivers the ultimate in threat detection, providing accurate and reliable image analysis while boosting throughput of existing security personnel. The software quickly pays for itself in labor savings, making it a solid investment that not only boosts screening performance but also your organization’s bottom line. 

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