BOC High-Energy Scanner Complete

Astrophysics CEO François Zayek (Left) with BOC Commissioner Ray Leonardo Guerrero (Right)

The Philippines Bureau of Customs (BOC), in partnership with Astrophysics Inc., has installed two additional HXP-TotalScan™ in the Port of Manila. The new systems will screen cargo shipments at the Manila International Container Port (MICP), one of the port’s three main terminals that make up the core of the country’s port system. This new installation is part of a ₱ 1.2 billion contract (valued at $23.8 million USD) awarded to Astrophysics by the BOC early in 2019, which included six HXP-TotalScans and over 50 other x-ray inspection systems. Two additional HXP-TotalScans are already operational in the Port of Manila, with construction of additional systems underway in the Davao Port and the Cebu Port.

The new installation will allow the BOC to facilitate trade while strengthening its borders. Each system will allow the port to process an additional 7,680 cargo containers a day beyond their previous capacity. The HXP-TotalScan is a fully-automated, drive-through portal capable of processing up to 160 trucks per hour. With over 320 mm of steel penetration, it provides clear images that make it easy to verify manifests and identify contraband within shipping containers.

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Astrophysics HXP-TotalScan Installation at Manila International Container Port

Additional Coverage of Astrophysics HXP-TotalScan at MICP

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