Beirut Explosion: Astrophysics Lebanese Team Safe

On Tuesday, August 4, 2020, a massive explosion engulfed the Port of Beirut, Lebanon, ravaging the heart of the city’s downtown business district. Astrophysics is thankful to report all employees in our Jounieh office, located 10 miles north of Beirut, are safe. The safety and welfare of our employees and the local Lebanese community remains our top priority. We extend heartfelt sympathies to our Astrophysics family in Lebanon and to all those impacted by this tragedy.

Astrophysics is offering complimentary inspections of all our x-ray equipment in Lebanon. We hope this will aid the recovery process and assist Lebanon’s critical infrastructure sites to reopen successfully in the future. Please contact us at for more information and to schedule an inspection.

We are inspired by the efforts of our Lebanese employees who are volunteering, donating, and distributing food, water, hygiene kits, masks, gloves, and other essentials to Beirut and those in need.

The Lebanese are resilient and known for their vibrant culture, hospitality and community. May they continue to be a beacon of hope. We stand in solidarity with Lebanon and its people.

Please visit the following to learn more and donate to Lebanese charitable organizations:

Lebanese Red Cross is a non-profit organization providing numerous triage centers across the city.
To donate or learn more visit:

Impact Lebanon is a non-profit organization that aids and supports first responders.
To donate or learn more visit:

Lebanese Food Bank is a non-profit organization that works with vulnerable people and families to ensure they have food and provisions.
To donate or learn more visit:

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