Astrophysics Releases Safety Shield

Astrophysics announces the launch of our Safety Shield for x-ray security checkpoints. Astrophysics Safety Shields offer well-designed protection from the spread of harmful germs, specifically coronavirus (COVID-19). Designed to physically separate screening personnel from the public, the barriers safeguard normal business, and security interactions.

Our Safety Shields are made in the USA and manufactured with polycarbonate plastic, a superior material option to plexiglass. These offer a unique blend of durability and dimensional stability. Simple to install, these can be easily transferred from one machine to another, and are compatible with most checkpoint systems. Our Safety Shields are also easy to clean, making them perfect for high-traffic locations that require efficient and sanitary inspections.

The shields were designed for checkpoint x-ray scanners, including the XIS-5335, XIS-6040, and XIS-6545. For more information, contact service at



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