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Our trusted and reliable checkpoint security machines have been trusted by airports and TSA checkpoints around the world. Checkpoint and access control systems’ imaging technology inspects backpacks, suitcases, purses and luggage and allows operators to detect threat objects hidden in cluttered bags. Contact us today to learn more.



Built on our popular XIS-6040 frame, the XIS-6040SE combines mobility and powerful imaging technology into a flexible system designed to meet a variety of security missions.


Our most popular Mail & Parcel Scanner Model XIS-6040 x-ray system has demonstrated and unsurpassed image quality and field reliability at screening checkpoints around the world.

This Mail & Small Parcel Scanner Model XIS-6040N is a compact solution with a narrow frame designed to fit in spaces that cannot accommodate larger x-ray scanners.

High-performance system equipped with advanced imaging tools allowing operators to make quick and informed inspection decisions.

Dual-view system that provides operators with additional viewing angles to carry out real-time assessments of challenging bags and parcels.

A dual-imaging system that offers more power than any system with its tunnel size, for thorough inspections of complex bags.

A compact system with a slim operating profile. Generates clear images that make it easy to identify suspicious objects.

Unique mobile system designed for rapid deployment with optional imaging features that detect guns and knives with incredible accuracy.

The VI3D™ is the first of its kind, generating three distinct views in a combined “rocking” image for incredible depth perception, reducing blind spots.

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