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Explore our FAQs for general company information and answers to questions regarding our x-ray scanners, service, and support.
At Astrophysics Inc., we are engineering a safer future. We design industry-leading x-ray scanners that help safeguard communities in the U.S. and around the world –  today, tomorrow, and always.  We are one of the only companies that specialize solely in x-ray security technology. Our innovative R&D culture constantly pushes the boundaries of what is possible in x-ray imaging, making us a global leader in security solutions. Our employees embody our core values – Respect, Loyalty, Integrity, and Teamwork – and are driven to deliver screening solutions that optimize the security experience for our customers. Our revolutionary scanners and imaging tools, coupled with our custom-centric approach, have made Astrophysics Inc. the #1 choice in x-ray security.
Our security solutions serve three major markets: Critical Infrastructure, Aviation, and Ports and Borders. See our Markets page for more information about these industries.
Our headquarters is located just outside Los Angeles in CA, USA. Our primary R&D facility, the Astrophysics Research Center (ARC) is located in nearby Ontario, CA, USA. We also have additional U.S. based offices in Texas and Washington D.C., and international offices located in Mexico, the United Kingdom, Lebanon, India and the Philippines.
Visit our News & Insights page for the latest announcements, product releases, industry insights, white papers, blog posts, and news on upcoming events and trade shows. You can also follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.
We are always looking for bright, talented and driven individuals to join the Astrophysics Inc. team. Visit our Careers page to explore our latest job postings and find the role that is right for you!
Our customer-centric approach values any and all feedback. Share your experience by visiting our Contact Us page and completing the feedback form or emailing us directly at Once we review your comments we will gladly follow-up on any questions or concerns you have.
We are proud of the global, diverse network of partners and dealers we work alongside that promote, distribute and service our products. Companies interested in becoming official Astrophysics Inc. dealer can email Astrophysics Inc. dealers can email Astrophysics Sales at Potential dealers will be asked to provide additional information about their business that helps us evaluate possible future business partnerships.
Only Astrophysics Inc. authorized dealers and certified service personnel have access to Astrophysics Inc. parts, training, and the latest product updates. Please contact to confirm if a company is an Astrophysics Inc. authorized dealer and if a technician is Astrophysics Inc. certified.  Our x-ray scanners should only be serviced by qualified, Astrophysics Inc. trained and certified field service personnel. Service performed on Astrophysics Inc. x-ray scanners by non-authorized dealers or non-certified technicians will void product warranty.
Email questions regarding AstroNet accounts and access can be emailed to
We manufacture over 40 x-ray scanners, designed for 6 major screening categories:
  1. Mail & Small Parcel
  2. Checkpoint
  3. Hold Baggage
  4. Cargo
  5. Mobile
  6. Vehicle & Freight
See our Products page for more information about each screening category.
Our x-ray scanners follow a simple naming structure. Our conventional x-ray scanners start with abbreviation XIS (“X-ray Inspection System”) followed by a set of numbers. These numbers indicate the unit’s tunnel size (i.e. XIS-6040 has a tunnel opening that measures 60 cm x 40 cm). Our vehicle and cargo screening portals start with either the abbreviation HXC (“High-Energy Cargo”) or HXP (“High-Energy Portal”). The names after the abbreviation describe the unit’s function: the HXC-LaneScan™ screens passenger vehicles , the HXP-FreightScan™ screens freight containers, the HXP-TotalScan™ screen freight containers with the driver, and the HXM-PortScan™ is a mobile portal. Our MVCT™ stands for Multi-View Computed Tomography.
To ensure optimal threat detection, our x-ray scanners come equipped with more industry-leading features and imaging tools than any other systems on the market. Visit our Technology page for information about all of the standard and optional features offered on our machines.
Our products run on the Windows® operating platform. We believe the Windows platform delivers a more user-friendly experience,  it makes our scanners compatible with most PCs, and many operators are already familiar with the operating system.
We pride ourselves in providing more customized x-ray scanners than anyone else in the industry. In fact, over 50% of our scanners are customized and made-to-order. We work closely with our customers to understand and design security solutions specifically for their needs. Some customizations we have done for customers included custom paint colors, extended conveyor belts, environmental kits (for extreme hot or cold climates), waterproof catch trays and local language support, to name a few. Please see our Optional Features page for more information on some of the customizations we offer, or email and it would be our pleasure to assist you or answer your questions.
Certain systems have been certified by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) as well as international agencies including STP Cargo Compliance, Transport Canada, and Air Cargo Security Certified. The full list of certified systems is provided below:
  • TSA Qualified (United States): XIS-1080, XIS-1080D, XIS-5878, XIS-6040, XIS-6545, XIS-6545DV, XIS-6545DVS, XIS-7858, XIS-7858DVS, XIS-100X, XIS-100XD, XIS-100XDV, XIS-100XDX, XIS-1517, XIS-1517 200kV, XIS-1517DV 200kV, XIS-1818, XIS-1818 320kV, XIS-1818DV 200kV, XIS-1818DV 320kV, and 6545VI.
  • Safety Act Designated (United States): XIS-1080, XIS-5878, XIS-6040, XIS-6545, XIS-6545DV, XIS-7858, XIS-100X, XIS-100XD, XIS-100XDV, XIS-1517, XIS-1818, and XIS-1818 320kV.
  • STP Cargo Compliant (UK): XIS-5878, XIS-7858, XIS-1080, XIS-1080D, XIS-100X, XIS-100XD, XIS-100XDV, XIS-100XDX, XIS-1517, XIS-1517 200kV, XIS-1517 320kV, XIS-1517DV 200kV, XIS-1517DV 320kV, XIS-1818, XIS-1818 200kV, XIS-1818 320kV, XIS-1818DV 200kV, and XIS-1818DV 320kV.
  • Transport Canada (TC) Air Cargo Security (ACS) Certified (Canada): XIS-100X, XIS-100XD, XIS-100XDV, XIS-100XDX, XIS-1517 200kV, XIS-1517DV 200kV, XIS-1818 200kV, and XIS-1818DV 200kV.
  • Russia Cargo Certified: XIS-6040, XIS-6545, XIS-6545DV, XIS-5878, XIS-1080D, XIS-100X, and XIS-1517 200kV.
We are proud to be an ISO 9000 certified organization. Visit the ISO website for more information about their certification criteria.
The most important features to consider when choosing an x-ray system are the tunnel size, generator power, image quality, service and total cost of ownership. Our expert Sales team can work with you to find the perfect scanner for your security mission. Contact us at and request a copy of our whitepaper, How to Choose an x-ray Machine, that will  help walk you through the decision process.
We offer GSA pricing for qualified customers. See GSA Schedule Contract GS-07F-0182T for more information.
Product brochures are available for all Astrophysics Inc. systems. Request a brochure by visiting our Products pages. Click on “Download Brochure” and fill out the fields in the pop-up menu. Once you complete the form, click “Submit.” Brochures will be provided after the form is submitted.
We pride ourselves on having some of the best lead times in the industry. Lead times will vary depending on the model requested and any customizations. Please email the Astrophysics Sales Team for more information.
Our Sales Team completes a questionnaire prior to each installation, collecting detailed site information to ensure a smooth delivery and installation. For large projects, an Astrophysics Inc. Field Service Technician will complete a site survey prior to delivery and installation.
The Astrophysics Inc. Online Service Management System (OSMS) is the industry’s first centralized online service platform. Launched in 2015, this exclusive platform enables customers to view the live status of their systems, submit and track service claims, view service history, performance metrics, reporting and more.
Our global dealer network includes over 1,000 Astrophysics Inc.-trained and certified Field Service Technicians operating in over 150 countries.
Depending upon the location and service contract selected, response times can range from continuous on-site support, to 2- 8- 24- 48- 72 hours, and up to 5 business days. We also offer customized response times and warranty packages to serve unique customer needs and requirements. Please note response time offerings are based on our authorized dealers and local service network, which differ according to region. Contact Astrophysics Inc. Service at for more information.
Standard operator training is performed by a Field Service Technician after an x-ray scanner installation is complete. The training course lasts 1-2 hours for up to 8 operators and provides an overview of system mechanics, basic troubleshooting, imaging features, and overall x-ray safety guidelines. Please note this training covers x-ray system operation, NOT image analysis or threat detection. We also offer more extensive and customizable operator training, spanning hundreds of operators or multiple days for more in-depth product training or basic maintenance. Custom operator training must be scheduled in advance and additional costs may apply. Please contact for more information.
Our North America standard manufacturing warranties last thirteen (13) months from the scanner shipment date. International manufacturing warranties last fifteen (15) months from the scanner shipment date. Factory warranties purchased with a specific response time include the coverage below: 
  • 24/7 Telephone & Email Support
  • On-Site Field Service Technician
  • On-Site Services
  • Replacement Parts excluding wear and tear .
  • Corrective Maintenance Visits
  • One Preventive Maintenance Visit with Radiation Survey
Please email our Service Team at for more information on international warranty coverage, and how to purchase additional coverage and upgraded response times.
Computer-based training (CBT) is an interactive and self-paced course that improves operators’ threat awareness. Using x-ray scanner-specific simulators and an extensive library of over 1,000 images, the course improves operators’ threat identification and response times. For convenience, the courses can be run on any standard computer as well as any Astrophysics Inc. units (additional costs may apply).
Astrophysics Inc. offers dedicated training, program management, site surveys, operations optimization and custom security consulting. All our services are carried out by our team of Astrophysics Inc.-certified Field Service Technicians who operate across the globe, ready to provide immediate customer assistance wherever and whenever it’s needed.
An x-ray generator is the main energy source in an x-ray scanner. Generators pass electricity through a heat filament to produce gamma x-rays. These x-rays penetrate objects and create images that allow operators to inspect their contents. Astrophysics Inc. x-ray scanners are equipped with single or dual generators, and these produce single- or dual-view images of the scanned object.
Our scanners adhere to strict radiation safety standards. The radiation in our machines is well below the minimum safety levels mandated by government agencies.
Our scanners have numerous safety features including interlocks, operator foot mats, protective lead paneling, emergency stops (e-stops), warning lights and key switches, all designed to keep both operators and anyone near the machine safe.
Extensive testing has been conducted on cell phones, computers, and film exposure to radiation. These tests have concluded that x-ray scanners, including Astrophysics’, do not cause any damage to these components or equipment.
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