Critical Moments in X-Ray History You Need to Know

Did you know Thomas Edison was afraid of x-rays? Or that a German physicist / priest measured radiation from the Eiffel Tower? X-ray history is full of colorful characters and interesting discoveries! The discovery of X-rays granted humans the ability to see through human skin and dense metals for the first time in our existence. Today, its many uses have expanded to include studying space and securing air travel.

We put together a timeline highlighting some of the key events in x-ray history. The graphic below gives a brief overview of the people, discoveries and technologies that brought us the modern x-ray imaging we take for granted today. Case in point: Did you know that over 100 years ago the first x-ray images took as long as 11 minutes to produce? Today that process takes milliseconds. Check out the timeline below and hopefully you’ll learn something new or interesting about x-ray history!

What do you think of the x-ray history timeline? Did we leave something off you think should have been included? Got an idea for our next timeline or infographic? We want to hear what you think! Message us on Twitter @AstrophysicsInc – we want to hear what you have to say!

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