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Enhanced Imaging™ (EI) software provides a powerful new approach to x-ray screening. Traditional x-ray screening requires the operator to stop the scanned image and manipulate the image with a series of software tools to generate the best possible image for analysis. With the Astrophysics Enhanced Imaging™ (EI) mode, operators see the “enhanced” image automatically displayed as it scrolls across the screen in real-time.

Our exclusive EI software employs an adaptive filter that performs a series of post-processing functions to enhance the x-ray image, increasing detail and improving contrast to provide a much clearer image. This filter, called “histogram equalization,” increases image contrast to help discriminate between items for more effective screening. Below is an example that demonstrates the difference in image clarity using traditional scanning software vs Astrophysics Enhanced Imaging™.

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Enhanced Imaging™ is a mode of screening that not only creates greater visibility, but enables faster throughput. Operators were previously limited to isolating an image manually, exerting more effort and time. With EI, operators can see clear images across the screen without having to stop the belt, maximizing throughput at high traffic sites. For more detailed analysis, EI mode is compatible with the full suite of Astrophysics functions: 3-Color, 6-Color, Organic, Inorganic, Black/White, and Black/White Reverse.

Further, Enhanced Imaging™ has a unique software configuration so the largest possible image fills the screen, maximizing screen size and operator visibility. EI software with continuous image clarity is also ideal for operators screening long items. Ultimately, Enhanced Imaging™ software increases operator efficiency and provides the best imaging available in the security industry- helping keep communities safe today, tomorrow, always.

For nearly 20 years, Astrophysics has led the global security industry in research and development, creating integrated solutions that advance the critical security missions of our customers and partners. For more information about Enhanced Imaging™ or our products, contact

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