Hold Baggage

Secure on the Ground,

Safe in the Skies

Hold baggage systems are designed to screen baggage, oversized luggage and shipping crates. Their modular design allows them to be easily modified, reconfigured or interconnected for seamless integration into existing security networks.


The Cargo X-Ray Security Scanner XIS-5878™ is an efficient solution for screening heavy bags and bulky objects with a low conveyor that eases loading and unloading.

Ruggedized system designed with water and corrosion-resistance and built to operate in extreme climates.

Practical solution for small and medium checkpoints offering image enhancement software that ensures greater accuracy and throughput.

Dual-view system with a small footprint and advanced data software that improves image clarity and object recognition.

Versatile X-Ray Inspection solution well-suited to screening luggage, oversized baggage and dolly-sized crates.

Unique system with a symmetrical downshooter that generates clear, detailed images of scanned objects.

Ideal solution for baggage checkpoints that allows operators to carry out efficient and effective inspections.

High-capacity, modular screening system with a downshooter generator that produces high-quality scans with less distortion.

Modular, dual-view system with a detachable sideshooter allowing for easier deployment in confined environments.

Dual-view system with modular design and detachable sideshooter allowing for deployment in more locations.

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