The Astrophysics HXP-FreightScan™ is a high-energy portal designed for screening trucks and shipping containers. This fully-automated system can process many trucks per hour while allowing drivers to remain in their vehicles during screening. The system is also built on a flexible platform that is capable of accomplishing any security mission. The scanner’s modular design supports a host of third-party systems, allowing for extensive customizations that augment its screening objectives.

Third-party integrations offer critical inspection benefits. They can expedite screenings at congested checkpoints, monitor and control entry and exit points, collect vehicle and cargo data, and maintain operational efficiency at every stage of the process. We explore several of these systems below, including OCRs, radiation portal monitors, and license plate readers, showing how they seamlessly blend with the HXP-FreightScan™ and support agencies’ security goals.

Container Number OCRs

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) helps security personnel match cargo to manifests while scanning each container. The OCR recognizes and digitizes container numbers, pairing them with the scan data. This data is then compared to manifests to ensure each truck is transporting the correct, expected cargo.

In some cases the HXP-FreightScan™ can use as many as three (3) OCRs to capture the container number. This tool eliminates potential input errors by automating the capture process, and can immediately display manifests to enable screeners to focus on inspecting and clearing trucks through the portal.

Radiation Portal Monitors (RPMs)

Container scanners, especially those screening cargo headed to the United States, are required to inspect containers for possible radioactive materials. RPMs enable security personnel to quickly check for radioactive activity before clearing cargo to continue on its journey. The HXP-FreightScan™ is compatible with industry-leading RPMs that support this screening mission.


A weighbridge, also known as a truck scale or railroad scale, is simply a large set of scales for weighing massive objects. Usually mounted on a concrete foundation, these bridges can weigh road and rail vehicles, plus any contents they are transporting. 

The HXP-FreightScan’s tunnel height of nearly five meters can accommodate weighbridges that efficiently and effectively weigh cargo, often to confirm the accuracy of manifests. Both the scanner and this integration combine to facilitate quick and accurate inspections, making it easy to also identify hidden threats.

Speakers & Intercoms

Speakers and intercoms provide highly efficient, wide-ranging voice projection throughout the scanning area. Their range and dispersion ensure security personnel can effectively communicate with drivers while directing traffic flow and promoting consistent throughput. This integration meshes perfectly with the HXP-FreigthScan™ to maintain peak security operations.

License Plate Readers (LPRs)

LPRs capture computer-readable images of license plates. These are then stored to potentially compare against known or expected plate numbers to ensure unauthorized vehicles are not allowed on any restricted premises. They are particularly useful at ports, where security personnel can monitor truck movements either before they pick up a container or after pickup as they are leaving the facility.

Centralized Command Center

A centralized command center allows security personnel to collect, track, and distribute screening data through local area networks. These stations collect and manage everything from the scanning process to every piece of technology connected to the HXP-FreightScan™, facilitating collaborative screening, decision-making, and throughput. These command centers add tremendous value to checkpoints by centralizing both visibility and control of the scanner.

Ensuring the Integrity of Ports & Border Crossings

The HXP-FreightScan™ delivers the fast, accurate screening needed to analyze shipments in today’s fast-moving economies. This intuitive screening solution allows customs officials to process cargo without impacting the flow of goods, people, or services at seaports and border crossings. This system is extremely flexible and built on a platform that allows for simple third-party integrations to improve security missions and ensure no threats are undetected. 

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