Optional Features & Customizations

Customized Solutions

for your Security Mission

Astrophysics Inc. is a security company built on creative innovation. We go above and beyond to create customized security solutions for our customers, resulting in more than 50% of our products being built to order – an unprecedented industry record.

A Robust Selection of Optional Features

Astrophysics’ x-ray scanners can include the following optional features:

8-Color Imaging

Astrophysics proprietary software that enhances an operator's ability to discriminate between scanned materials based on their chemical composition and density.

Enhanced Imaging

Software that automatically optimizes x-ray scans in real-time, eliminating the need for operators to apply imaging features manually.

Upgraded Conveyor Capacity

Increases the load the conveyor can support.


Customizable features vary by model and may increase cost and delivery lead times. Consult with our sales team for assistance on customized security solutions.

Heightens security and efficiency. Remote workstations can be added to any Astrophysics Inc. system, including a Remote Table-Mounted Station, Suspect Workstation, and Supervisor Workstation.

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