Ports and Borders: Integrated Security Solutions

Today, the diversity of emerging threats and sheer scale of screening operations make integration and networking a necessity for effective screening. Varied technologies, including x-ray scanners, radiation monitors, reference databases, and countless other technologies often work in tandem to strengthen a site’s overall defense. To navigate all these technologies successfully, analysts need coordinated inspections that collectively organize and leverage the deployed technologies. Cross-system integration and networking must therefore package and display critical data on a user-friendly platform that enables quick and accurate decision making.

Astrophysics offers a comprehensive suite of integration capabilities specially designed for our ports and borders product line. Our systems can intake, manage, and store many simultaneous data streams from a host of peripheral devices such as CCTV cameras, license plate readers (LPRs), RFID readers, under-vehicle inspection systems (UVIS), weighbridges, LIDAR size gauges, and more

The backbone of our integration platform is the Astrophysics Management System (AMS) which collects and stores essential data. This centralized server enables compilation of an all-inclusive data package for each scan record and facilitates multiple workstation integration, multiplexing, mass image archiving, simultaneous software updates, remote access to administrative features and reports, and even remote inspection of active scans.

For example, an optional Situation Wall display collects information from a connected AMS to present a site overview of scanner operations and diagnostics data. As a U.S. manufacturer, Astrophysics maintains high standards of cybersecurity and are NIST compliant to ensure a secure interface with external networks for any integrated system.

Whether forwarding images between on-site checkpoints, collecting complementary data points to check for variable threats, or transferring screening records to remote command centers or data archives, integrated and networked solutions provide defense personnel the technological foundation to safeguard global critical infrastructure, commerce, and travel.

As innovators at the forefront of x-ray security, Astrophysics helps shape support for the latest features and functionalities as we deploy thoroughly integrated and customized systems.

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