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Astrophysics Inc.’s vehicle and cargo systems deliver the speed and accuracy needed to analyze shipments at local Ports and Borders in today’s fast-moving economies. Our intuitive screening solutions allow customs officials to process cargo without impacting the flow of goods, people, or services at seaports and border crossings. Our high-resolution portals prevent the infiltration of contraband or threats that can endanger infrastructure, commerce, or public safety.

Designed to scan entire vehicles in a single pass, the HXC-LaneScan security scanner uses a unique generator position and unmatched imaging that can quickly detect contraband hidden in the smallest spaces on vehicles.

Vehicle-mounted systems with large baggage tunnels mounted on vehicles for quick deployment in urban and rugged terrain. A flexible security screening solution for Ports & Borders as it can scan large and small objects with ease.

Astrophysics Inc.’s high-energy portals – HXP-FreightScan for freight only and HXP-TotalScan for drivers and freight – these x-ray security scanners can scan entire cargo containers in seconds and help speed port and borders throughput.

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