After-Sales Upgrades Help Customers Keep Pace With Evolving Security Needs

Astrophysics is known throughout the security industry for designing adaptable x-ray scanners. We take pride in building units that fit our customers unique security missions. In fact, more than half the units we manufacture are custom orders, an unheard of ratio in our industry. Adaptability and extensive customization options support our commitment to deliver the x-ray solutions our customers need. 

Did you know that we offer after-sales upgrade options as well? We understand our customers operate in highly dynamic security environments. Shifting missions, budgets, timelines, and threats can disrupt even the best security plans. There is nothing worse than procuring new security scanners only to find them obsolete or ineffective shortly after installation. 

By pairing our adaptable x-ray scanners with extensive after-sales upgrade options, we ensure customers can adjust to changing security missions, extend existing machines’ lifespans, and even improver current scanners’ efficiency. We are proud to offer a wide range of upgrade options.

Adjusting to Changing Missions

In the fast-paced security world, x-ray missions can change seemingly overnight. The discovery of new threats along with shifting regulations both impact how screening is executed. For example, the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) issued a mandate requiring all air cargo scanners to update from single-view to dual-view systems. Although it did not occur overnight, this mandate put pressure on already tight security budgets to upgrade all single-view systems.

Astrophysics’ after-sale upgrades are an ideal solution to that problem. We offer single-view to dual-view conversion packages that work within customers’ budgets and help them achieve regulatory compliance quickly and efficiently.

In another instance, a shipping company may find that it needs to screen more long, flat objects. For optimal performance it needs to upgrade its units with tunnel extensions that accommodate these larger objects. The solution is easily provided by Astrophysics’ after-sales upgrades. We can modify any unit, ensuring it keeps pace with dynamic security missions.

Extending System Lifespans 

For some customers, scanner lifespans do not always align with their purchasing budgets. Unit performance may decline before a budget is approved to acquire new scanners. This not only impacts customers’ ability to purchase replacement units, it can also make it hard to maintain systems beyond their intended life. Our upgrade options help extend unit lifespans, ensuring customers can support their mission until more funding is available.

The most common lifespan updates involve upgrading imaging software. Customers can add on the latest Astrophysics advancements, such as Enhanced ImagingTM (EI) software. EI creates refined, high-contrast x-ray images in real-time that increase resolution and contrast. This software allows operators to extract additional details from dark and light areas. The feature improves throughput and threat detection, and is especially valuable when incorporated onto older units.

Customers can take advantage of any Astrophysics imaging upgrades and incorporate the new software into their existing scanners. Personnel can be trained quickly on the upgrade, giving customers the budget relief they need and can significantly extend their scanners’ operational effectiveness.

Improving Screening Efficiency 

Developing the optimal screening process can be a challenge for some customers. They often need to start scanning objects in order to see where bottlenecks may develop. If that happens, Astrophysics offers upgrades that boost screening efficiency and ensure throughput is not affected.

We offer a wide range of improvements, starting with conveyor speed upgrades. This doubles roller speeds from 0.1 meters per second (m/s) to 0.2 m/s, significantly increasing throughput. In addition, this upgrade includes a warranty package. We also offer a UPS bypass upgrade that allows the system to seamlessly switch to direct power mode. This ensures steady power, continuous operations, and reduced downtime on all units utilizing this feature.

Customers may also want upgrades that improve their screening personnels’ quality of life. These can include pedestal workstations that give operators greater mobility and flexibility over where they screen objects. They can also upgrade scanners to have dual monitors installed.  These provide secondary imaging options, increase throughput, and optimize the image analysis process.

Our x-ray scanners’ adaptability ensures our customers keep pace with their rapidly changing security missions, potential threats, and overall needs. Customization is not only available on unassembled units; it is available as an after-sale upgrade on nearly all Astrophysics’ units. We understand how important it is for our customers to have the correct scanner for their specific mission, and we take pride in customizing solutions that fit those needs. 

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