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True security requires confidence and peace of mind. We are leaders in customer service excellence with a robust, worldwide network of 1000 Astrophysics Inc. Certified Field Service Technicians. Our experienced service specialists are solutions-focused, ensuring customers achieve the operational, maintenance and safety objectives of their security mission.

Technical Support

Astrophysics Inc. offers local support backed by our extensive global experience. Our global service network of 1000 highly trained Certified Field Service Technicians ensures customers receive fast and reliable support 24-hours a day, 365 days a year.
Integrated logistics support, including forward stock locations, extensive spare parts inventory and our in-house repair lab all guarantee the right personnel and equipment are in place to keep Astrophysics products operating at peak performance.


Astrophysics’ service tiers help customers to connect quickly with our support team.

24/7 CALL CENTER (+1 909-461-1111)

Our 24 Hour Service Call Center provides customers with direct access to technical specialists for immediate assistance with system diagnostics, troubleshooting and maintenance.

Real Time Self Diagnostics

Continuously monitors system components’ performance and also alerts operators to any x-ray system failures.

Remote Diagnostics

This capability enables our Field Service Technicians to diagnose and restore systems offsite through direct video conferencing and internet links.

Local On-Site Support

Astrophysics Inc.’s global network of certified Field Service Technicians deliver world-class service around the globe, ensuring customers have local support backed by global experience.

Customized Service Maintenance Contracts

Astrophysics Inc. maintenance contracts provide security from the unexpected – they reduce the cost of ownership, limit interruptions and system down time, and extend security system lifespans. We offer a wide range of contracts with benefits and response times customized for each customer’s security needs, including preventative maintenance, radiation surveys, dedicated Program Managers, reporting and more. Contact for more information today.

Operator & Technical Training

Our training programs provide operators and maintenance personnel with the technical and practical experience
needed to ensure optimal scanner performance. We also offer a wide range of technical training courses with topics that include safety procedures, common operator errors, product operation, parts maintenance, and troubleshooting.
We can also tailor courses to individual customer needs. Training is offered in multiple languages including English, Spanish, French, and Arabic. All of our courses are available on-site or at our global service training centers.

Email for more information.

Site Surveys & Operations Optimization

Our personnel consult with customers to help develop efficient security operations. They conduct site surveys and throughput analysis to ensure the correct security infrastructure is in place.
Astrophysics Inc. can advise on system layouts, customizations, installation adjustments, and complementary technology or accessories to optimize security screening.

preventitive maintenance radiation survey
Extended Life Upgrades

Performance upgrades enable organizations to adapt to emerging threats and keep pace with evolving security regulations. Enhancing products with the latest hardware and software optimizes performance and reduces cost of ownership or the need to purchase a new product. Upgrades are carried out following an on-site assessment by our Field Service Technicians, who work closely with customers to ensure minimal disruptions or downtime to security operations.

extended training
Program Management

Astrophysics Inc. program managers serve as dedicated points of contact for customers, providing priority support and custom engineering solutions for their security missions. Our management teams coordinate deployment, installation and technical support in CONUS, OCONUS and war-zone environments. Our account managers utilize maintenance scheduling, monthly service reports and performance metrics evaluation to help streamline customers’ operations and optimize system maintenance.

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