2021 TSA Dual-View Mandate

The U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) announced that effective January 1, 2021, they will require dual view x-ray screening for all air cargo. This mandate requires airlines and freight forwarders to upgrade from existing single-view systems and purchase dual-view or multi-view systems for cargo screening. With this advancement, TSA aims to ensure all domestic U.S. and international flights are safe for passengers, crew, and cargo. 

Originally announced in 2014, TSA cited this 6-year notice to protect the aviation industry and provide more effective screenings. Dual-view systems offer advanced technology and imaging capability, much greater than single-view, to better detect threats. Astrophysics dual-view systems have advanced detection capabilities and improved steel penetration. Installed with the industry’s best-in-class software, operators can recognize objects, identify materials, and isolate threats with greater speed and accuracy. For more information on our Aviation product offerings visit:

Astrophysics is proud to offer 8 different TSA-Qualified dual-view products ranging from our checkpoint scanners like the XIS-6545DV, to our Hold Baggage scanners like the XIS-100XDV, to our robust heavy Cargo scanners, like the XIS-1818DV 200kV. Our high-powered XIS-1818DV 320kV, designed to detect threats in complex and dense cargo, can penetrate up to 80 mm steel. Our diverse product line, all compliant with the 2021 TSA mandate, includes:

By converting your single-view system to a dual-view scanner, you will extend the lifespan of your machine and reduce overhead costs. Our service team will work with your existing machines to ensure they are retrofit properly and meet all regulatory guidelines. To learn how to upgrade an existing single-view system to a dual-view, please complete our online form here: Astrophysics also offers great leasing opportunities, we take pride in customizing any unit to meet each customer’s specific security needs. To learn how to purchase or lease a brand new dual-view system, contact our Sales team at

Astrophysics is proud to be an American company, designing and assembling our products to meet the highest quality standards. We are headquartered outside of Los Angeles, CA and have offices in the Houston, TX, and Washington DC areas. Our integrated service delivery system ensures we deliver a world-class and comprehensive customer service experience. Our 1,000+ knowledgeable Field Service Technicians offer unmatched expertise and above-and-beyond “solution focused” service.  At Astrophysics, we treat customers like partners and take pride in providing advanced x-ray technology and customer service excellence. We remain committed to the security mission of our customers… today, tomorrow, and always.

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