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Product Highlights

  • 3D MotionView Software
  • 3 Distinct Views
  • Reduces Blind Spots
  • Touchscreen Monitor
  • Adjustable Mobile Stand
  • Compact Footprint


The VI3D™ enables operators to evaluate scanned objects from three distinct viewing angles, significantly minimizing blind spots and improving threat detection. VI3D™ technology speeds up inspections, reduces false alarms, and boosts throughput at critical checkpoints. The VI3D™ is designed & assembled in the USA to the highest quality standards. It features an intuitive Astrophysics interface on a user-friendly Windows 10 Operating System® and a sleek Mobile Stand with a Touchscreen Monitor. Its modern, compact design enables the VI3D™ to fit in standard doorways, making it the ideal screening solution for checkpoint security sites worldwide.




Tunnel Size:

60.0 cm x 42.0 cm (23.6” x 16.5”)


187.2cm (73.7”)


83.3cm (32.8”)


140.2cm (55.2”)

The VI3D™ is the only checkpoint system that provides true multi-view technology. 3D perspective systems only provide a 2D single view image, but the VI3D™ provides three distinct views from a single scan. Each view is unique and can be viewed individually or combined into a rocking image with our 3D MotionView™ software. There is no comparison for customers looking for improved threat recognition and throughput in checkpoint security.
Yes! Over 100 of our VI3D™ systems have been deployed at critical infrastructure sites across the world.
Absolutely! The VI3D™ benefits from the same best-in-class service that Astrophysics is known for. Visit Service – Astrophysics Inc for more details.
In single and dual view systems, where an operator is provided one and two scanned image perspectives respectively, threats can still remain hidden. In certain circumstances a third view is necessary to see all threats contained within a bag or parcel. This is what makes the VI3D™ unique and the clear choice for complete checkpoint security.

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