This X-Ray Guide Will Make You A Security Pro In No Time

Few people set out to become x-ray experts. Not many children dream of becoming the next Wilhelm Rontgen. But life moves in unexpected directions. Whether you are a security professional, doctor, or physicist, x-rays impact your life. So we put together an x-ray guide with nearly 20 resources to get you up-to-speed on this important topic.

Our mission is to design and manufacture the world’s best x-ray security scanners. And this x-ray guide is tailored to those goals. But this resource also includes other x-ray uses, including how NASA uses the tool to study outer space. Read on, explore the amazing world of x-rays, and contact us whenever you need to purchase an x-ray unit.


  • X-ray (Wikipedia): Covers range of topics including the nature, production and uses of x-rays, and units of measure and exposure.
  • Radiography (Wikipedia): Focuses on medical x-rays for seeing into the human body.
  • What are x-rays? (LiveScience): Explains how x-rays are a form of electromagnetic radiation (EM) and shows where they fall on the EM spectrum.
  • How x-rays see through your skin (YouTube): 5-minute video explaining x-ray scanner mechanics.




  • Radiation dose chart (xkcd): Handy chart showing how much radiation a person absorbs from different sources.
  • How dangerous are x-rays? (YouTube): 4-minute video explaining how safe x-rays are and whether you should worry about side effects.
  • Is radiation dangerous? (YouTube): 5-minute video explaining how common radiation is and whether it’s actually dangerous.


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